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Motor cruising yachts are recreational vessels and whilst there’s no definitive line between what is a boat and a yacht, generally yachts are in excess of 10m and offer an element of luxury as well as the ability to cruise farther for longer periods of time. Some motor yachts are extremely well designed and offer an impressive level of privacy and comfort for the owners. Designer accommodation, high-end appliances and plenty of space to entertain multiple small groups are standard on our yachts.

Yachts typically have several staterooms or cabins and at least one ‘head’ or bathroom. A ‘galley’ or kitchen is included and some larger yachts with a ‘flybridge’ or an open upper deck, may have an optional outside galley with a grill and a sink. A saloon or living room is usually the main social space and some larger yachts include a walk-in utility space and engine room. On deck, a yacht may have amenities like outdoor dining areas, an outside steering station or ‘helm’ and sunpads or settees on the bow or aft deck for lounging.

Yachts up to 18m to 20m are usually operated by the owner, while yachts in excess of this may have a professional captain. Yachts over 24m fall into the realm of superyachts where both the level of luxury and crew needs rise.

Time to build memories.

Let us welcome you to a new class of boating.

Rolling Along on the Crest of a Wave...

Depending on the brand and design of the motor yacht, you can do pretty much anything with one including island hopping, dock-to-dock coastal cruising or ocean crossing. You can cruise a day, a week, a month or even several years on a motor yacht and venture anywhere from the Baltic to the Caribbean and beyond. You can entertain a crowd for an afternoon happy hour cruise, venture farther on family weekends with the friends or gently explore remote waterways.

The natural rolling motion of water is ideal for perfecting your soul, balance and inner calm. The daily grind, preoccupations and concerns are driven away by fresh spray, the warm sun on your face, the sparkling reflections on the waves and the gentle lapping sound of the water.

At last. You. Can. Relax.

New and used motor boats, yachts and tenders for sale in London and the United Kingdom - Grosvenor Yachts